Beginner class

You understand a little French. You do not express yourself or very little but are keen to go further.

Elementary Class

You express yourself better and better. The vocabulary commonly used is acquired and you are able to produce short sentences. You need to broaden and strengthen your linguistic knowledge.

Intermediate Class

Your spoken and comprehension skills are rather good. You need to maintain what you have learnt and  develop your knowledge of the language.

Advanced class

Very much at ease orally, you need to explore the intricacies of the French language. You also need to have a better command of French spelling and grammar in order to write a document.

French classes in small groups or private tutoring

Based on the communicative method, the main purpose of Mon Salon Français  classes is  to help  you  develop  your communication  skills in  different  situations. Private lessons, small group lessons  (for couples, friends, families)... Everything is done to help you feel more confident to speak. You can attend a two-hour class per week or more. Mon Salon Français  also offers summer French tutoring.

Whether a beginner or an advanced speaker, you will work at your own pace, in a pleasant atmosphere and a comfortable setting. All the lessons will be tailored to meet your personal needs (DELF, DALF).

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