Testimonials - French Classes



" Sabine was a patient and understanding teacher who adapted the class to my requirements and made it fun. "


Kelly Renarthy , 28, Australia




" I had a wonderful time at Sabine’s and she is very welcoming. She does all she can to put you at ease. "


Serena Alveira, 24, Brazil




" Sabine has made me feel comfortable and has welcomed me into learning the French language. She is extremely qualified academically. Her pedagogical style is one  that leaves students feeling that they are learning at their own pace. Thanks to her, my French has improved. "


Becky Lyman, 38, USA



"I am Julia. I am an English teacher in Brazil and I am living in Paris for a post-doctorate study in Psychology. I really like to have Sabine as my French teacher. She truly cares about each student and she is a very interesting person. My plan was to have classes with her until I got a position for another French course, but this has changed now, and I hope to keep her as my teacher for a long time. As a teacher myself, I strongly recommend Sabine's classes."

Julia Estevez, 30, Brazil