An enriching experience

Whether you are interested in French artists or writers, French history or cuisine you are welcome ! 

Supporting  access  to  French culture has  always  been a key element of my teaching style and I have been enjoying teaching the history of France  for over 14 years.

Attending outings  will motivate you. The best way to really improve your French  conversational  skills  is  to  use  the  language as much as possible  in  real  life  situations. It  is an opportunity   to  improve your fluency   and  enrich  your  vocabulary.

Outings and activities are open to all. Whatever your level, you can rely on me and  participate actively. It  takes courage to learn  a  new language and  my  goal  as  a  teacher  is  to  help  you  relax  and  feel  more  confident.

Outings in Paris and Ile-de-France


Hidden treasures

Visits  of  museums  or  historical monuments are  offered  every  month. These  carefully  selected  outings  provide  opportunities  to  converse  in  French  in a casual setting  and  discover  interesting  places  in  Paris  and  in  the  suburbs,  probably  less  known  to  the  public but  equally exciting  and  relevant. All these museums are less than one hour away from Paris. Most of them are former private homes of famous writers, artists, politicians or aristocrats. Therefore, these  half-day trips are a good way to learn more about French culture and history.


A  pleasant  time

During the visits, participants may speak English but they are encouraged to use French as well. In a formal environment, a lot of French learners feel embarrassed or nervous. However, I have noticed that people express themselves more freely while taking part in a new and stimulating activity. They forget their misgivings and focus on the main reason why they are learning a foreign language : enjoying and sharing good times with new people.


Like  a  "francilien"

We travel like locals, using public transport (metro or RER). I always choose the safest and most direct way to reach the place we intend to visit. It is something I am very familiar with. If  it  is  a new  experience  for  you, you  will  find  out that traveling around Paris is not that  complicated. As always, all you need is a good guide. Furthermore, all these houses and residences have lovely gardens. They are perfect places to relax, practice outdoor leisure activities and have real contact with nature. My wish is to enable you to visit all these beautiful places again by yourself,  with  your friends or family members. Then you can become a guide too ! So I hope to see you soon...

Mon Salon Français  handles  all  the  necessary  bookings. There are no extra fees to visit the museums.

(You just have to buy  your own RATP ticket or travel pass.)      


           Available upon request all year long :


  1 - The Royal Basilica of Saint-Denis

   For those who would like to learn more about :

  • French history
  • French monarchy
  • gothic architecture
  • Louis XVI and Marie-Antoinette


  2  - The Parc de Sceaux  -  Ile-de-France Museum

   For those who would like to learn more about :

  • French history
  • Castles and estates
  • André  Le  Nôtre and "Jardin à la française" 

  This outing is perfect for families.


  3 - Chateaubriand's house  -  The Vallée-aux-Loups

   For those who would like to learn more about :

  • Stunning mansions and furnishings
  • Beautiful gardens
  • French history
  • French romanticism


  4 - Denon's wing of the Louvre

   For those who would like to learn more about :

  • 19th century French painters (Eugène Delacroix, Louis David, Théodore Géricault, Jean-Dominique Ingres)
  • French history
  • Napoléon Bonaparte
  • French romanticism


  5 - The Nissim de Camondo museum

     For those who would like to learn more about :

  • Stunning mansions and furnishings
  • French history
  • Paris in the 1930's
          Booking  conditions:  Please do not hesitate to contact me


I guarantee you :

- The  starting  point of  a  half-day  outing  is  always  located   in  Paris.

- I  guide  you  and  travel  with  you  by public transport.

- We  speak  French  as  much  as  possible  from the beginning to the end of the outing.

- I  customize  the outing  to  suit  your  needs  or  interests.


 If you have an interest in a particular aspect of French culture and history I can work with you  to  create  your  own  itinerary  including the best places to visit.




Home Activities

Wondering what to do ? Welcome !

- An exciting place to visit:

The Royal Basilica of Saint-Denis

- Try something new...

Attend a French  Penmanship  workshop !